Brut IPA is a style that has blown up in 2018.  I created a beer in November of 2017 at Social Kitchen & Brewery, a beer called Hop Champagne.  I named the style of the beer “Extra Brut IPA” to describe what I was trying to achieve. Quickly, the beer began to solidify its identity as a unique take on the IPA style.  It quickly spread through the Bay Area, and soon after, around the world.


I've created this website, first and foremost, to give some explanations of the beer; key points to the style, tips on how to make it, as well as findings.  In the past months I've received an uncountable amount of emails and DMs asking for information on how to brew a Brut IPA.  Here I present to you this online resource, something I can simply point a finger to and bring you up to date on the ever expanding knowledge of how to brew this beer.

- Kim