SF Chronicle: How Brut IPA Became San Francisco’s Newest Beer Style This is the article that really spread the word about Brut IPA around the world. The author, Alyssa Pereira, did a great job. published 03/21/2018

Drake’s Blog, Extra Brut: A New Kind of IPA The very first article on Brut IPA. Drake’s has a great blog and thought this was a worthy topic. published 2/20/2018

Beer And Brewing: The Birth of The Brut IPA A great article that includes links to two homebrew recipes including a version of my own Puttin’ on the Sprtiz and Verboten’s Somebody to Love (which scored super high in this issue’s review panel). published July 2018

The Brewing Network: GABF Brewers Studio Presentations 2018 (with Josh Grenz of Verboten Brewing) This video is a great representation of where the style is in late 2018. At the point of this presentation Josh gave with me as his guest, I had a lot of the opinions developed about technique that are on this website. from September 22nd 2018

Imbibe Magazine: Brewers Turn Towards Brut IPA I was honored to be featured in the massively publicized and very well executed Imbibe magazine. They did a phenomenal job with the article and the photos. published on 11/5/2018